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DQ10 RMT Politics - EasyArticles.Com

The Samajwadi Party's (SP) approach towards revitalizing the Uttar Pradesh state by bringing enough industries has been considered as deception with hierarchy in the party causing hindrances in the working of the established companies which have been contributing their part in the direction of renovating the state in terms of cleanliness, employment, health and eventually poverty.
An instance is of the internationally acclaimed solid waste management firm A2Z which likely has planned to wind up their work in the state following the deficient cooperation from the state government.
Winding up of A2Z will leave behind 3000 families starving. Before putting down their shutters,DQ10 RMT, the company, as their last efforts to save themselves, has knocked the door of the Allahabad High Court seeking legal favor. The problems A2Z are facing in the state are an outcome of the working standard of Urban Development Minister Azam Khan.
Azam Khan's self gladdened style of working and strange ,ro rmt...

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